Resource centre

The resource centre comprises

- A Library and documentary centre

- An information, educational development and lobbying facility

- Training and expert advice

The centre is open :
- Monday to Friday between 10 a.m and 12.30 a.m
- Monday and Thursday 2 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.
- Tuesday and Friday 2 p.m. to 3.30 p.m

Membership and services available :
- Regular membership : 30€
- Membership for students and unemployed : 15€
- Representative of an organisation : 80€
- Loans are available for members only
- We can provide bibliographies and other documents : charges to be agreed
- Photocopies : Members 0,15€ ; Non members 0,20€
- You can telephone, fax, email or come and see us to obtain documentary information

A library and documentary centre :

Discover a continent and learn about human rights

We are a member of Ritimo, a network of documentary resource centres recognised by the Ministry of Education, which comprises fifty centres in France devoted to issues concerning development and international solidarity. We also belong to the SUDOC network. This is the network of university documentary centres.

Cosi’s documentary base consists of 4000 items covering two main areas of interest :
- Africa South of the Sahara, with particular emphasis on Central Africa and the Great Lakes area.
- Human Rights

The resource centre is computer based and managed by a trained information manager who receives students and researchers. Cosi’s resources are available via the Reseau France Afrique (the France Central Africa network)

Amongst the items of particular interest are :
- Scientific reviews
- All the main Kinshasa newspapers from 1990 onwards
- Cartoons
- Traditional and contemporary art.

An information, educational development and lobbying facility :

Cosi with its partners aims to :
- Bring Africa back into the limelight
- Clarify the complicated situations and motives in play
- Help those concerned professionally and the interested citizen to help constructively.

Reaching the public, Cosi takes part in major events such as the Week of International Solidarity in November. Cosi prepares articles, gives interviews, takes part in radio programmes and national lobbying campaigns.

For the specialist audience, Cosi takes part in conferences and colloquia arranged, for example, by leading political institutions and the French National Library.

Cosi also organises its own conferences, working with universities, libraries and museums, the Lyon Bar Association and other NGOs

Training and expert advice :

Cosi’s training is chiefly intended for those working with immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees coming from sub Saharan Africa, including :
- Government employees and those working for international agencies
- Social workers in France employed in reception centres and housing trusts looking after refugees
- Professional in the social services dealing with the integration, education and training of migrant populations.

The overall purpose of the training is allow the trainees to understand better the situation in the countries from which the migrants are coming ; and through their improved awareness to improve their handling of these populations and to be more effective in their treatment of :
- Each persons situation
- The preparation of their request for asylum
- The refugee’s integration and social adaptation to France

Here are some examples of training modules that Cosi offers :

Module 1 : Politics and geography of Central Africa, with special emphasis on recent developments.

Module 3 : Study of a particular country or aspect.

Module 4 : An anthropological approach to the African demand for asylum.

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