What its members do together

The France Congo Network was created in 1994 and changed its name to the present one of the France Central Afrcia Network to reflect the fact it covers Rwanda and Burundi as well as the DRC.

REFAC’s activities :

1. Information and documentation 4000 works of reference A watching brief on newly issued documents Consultancies in support of strategic and operational work

2. Conferences. Press communiqués and articles. French proposals concerning the re-establishment of peace and stability in the Great Lakes region.

3. Contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and lobbying

4. Links to other networks In France : RITIMO,CRID,PROIM/PACOF, Co-ordination sud In the rest of Europe : EurAC

There are fourteen French NGOs in the field of international solidarity working in central Africa in a number of different subject areas, including : development, humanitarian activities, human rights, lobbying

In 2009 RéFAC comprised : Amnesty International / Section France, CCFD, Cosi, Cimade, Comité d’Echanges Isère-Kivu, Comité de jumelage de Villefontaine, Consultants du Monde, CRID, France Université Butembo, Frère des Hommes / France, Karibu, Médecins du Monde, Secours Catholique / Caritas France WIMA/Isère

Of these five are from the Rhone Alps region of France

RéFAC’s action plan for 2009, agreed at its meeting on 19th November 2008

Information and documentation

Watching brief and despatch of useful documents and information to members (and others)

Dealing with requests from members for information, documents and opinions

Publicising information received from members, such as events and publications.

Working together on meetings with key personalities and visitors

Distribution of the CD-Rom

Examining a possible request to the French Agency for Development (AFD) for support for our “Geographical Platform” in return for RéFAC providing information and documentation

Working with EurAC/ Lobbying

Taking part in the AGM of EurAC in Stockholm in May and Brussels in November, and communicating the outcomes to RéFAC members

Lobbying with French decision takers :

Sending memoranda and communiqués by mail, followed up by meetings typically involving the Seretary of RéFAC+ EurAC + one or two French NGOs + maintaining active contact with non members such as Crisis Action/Human Rights Watch/ OXFAM France.

Ultimately the publication of articles in the French daily press

Raising the profile of Central Africa with French local authorities

Provision of an election observation unit for local elections

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